All CLASSIC Flavors contain 0 Carbs and 0 Calories.

What is a GMO?

In Lemon, Passionfruit and Peach Flavors. Click on the red letters for product link.
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Sachets - Sticks     ICE TEA MIX BOX (All 3 Flavors in one box of 12 Sachets)


A blend of Papaya, Mango

and Kiwi Fruit Flavors


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Bolero uses Stevia as its sweetener instead of sugar.

Stevia is a purified sweetener often used as a sugar substitute that is extracted from the leaves of a plant species called
Stevia rebaudiana. It has been widely used as a sweetener for decades around the world much in the same way Americans use granulated sugar.  It's permitted by the FDA for use in foods.

Black Tea Extract mixed
with Fruit Flavors
for a refreshing taste.

BOLERO ADVANCED HYDRATION Is a Great Powdered Drink Product that is perfect for those who maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, those who want to get in better shape, adults, children and people who suffer from diabetes. Bolero Powdered Drinks are Sugar Free, Gluten Free and does not have any GMO's. Bolero has been a popular brand in Europe for over 20 years and now it is here in the United States. Bolero comes in over 50 different flavors in three categories: CLASSIC (Fruit Flavors and Colas), ICE TEA(Black Tea Extract mixed with Fruit Flavors. In Lemon, Passionfruit and Peach.) and  ISOTONIC  (An Orange Flavored Sports Drink that restores Electrolyte Balance after intense physical activity.) Bolero Powdered Drink Mixes come in boxes containing 12 individual Sachets. Each Sachet contains enough mix to create 1.5 Liters

(Almost a Half-Gallon) of refreshing drink product.

Bolero Advanced Hydration flavors is a healthy powdered mix drink. Bolero is ideal for adults and children especially for those who need to intake extra water throughout the day.


Bolero Ice Tea is available in 3 flavors: Ice Tea Lemon, Ice Tea Passionfruit and Ice Tea Peach. Made with black tea extract and delicious fruit flavors. Bolero Ice Teas have a naturally distinct and original flavor to help you relax and unwind at any time of the day. They're made with no artificial colors, flavoring, or preservatives and are sugar free.


Bolero Classic is a range of powdered fruit drinks that provide the protective anti-oxidant power of vitamin C without the sugar of fruit juice. They can be mixed with water, sparkling water. With 60 flavors to chose from they are Delicious and Healthy for the whole Family.

For rehydration after intense sporting activity, Bolero Sport is fortified with mineral salts and vitamins to recover electrolyte balance and helps fight fatigue.

BOLERO STICKS are a smaller version of the Bolero Sachets. Each Stick makes 16.9 ounces (The common size of a Bottle of Water.) of Delicious Drink Product. Comes in many of the flavors you see in Sachets.

Before using Bolero Products, please read the back label for complete list of ingredients, nutritional facts and Proper Usage.

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What is Stevia Extract?

About Bolero Advanced Hydration sugar free drink

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. By definition, it's any organism (Plant or Animal) whose genetics has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Many believe that GMOs are unsafe. 

Bolero Essential Hydration DOES NOT USE crops for their product that have been modified in this manner.

​Sport Isotonic helps rehydrate and restore electrolyte balance during and after physical activity.

In Orange Flavor

Sport Isotonic in Sachets

Sport Isotonic in Sticks

Multivitamin is an excellent source of

Vitamins A, C and E
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Classics come in a large variety sugar free drink

of Fruit, Kola and Floral Flavors sugar free drink Zero calories Drink